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A playground in a school is not meant only to enhance the beauty of the school campus. Sports have always been the best stress busters in the life of the students facing the enormous pressure of studies and the expectations they are constantly trying to fulfil. Sports have been complementary to education for successful student life for school going students. Even more importantly, ‘Sports’ has gained huge attraction as a career choice particularly over past decade. Now, the students have another field open for them in addition to education in which they could attain success and fame desirable for any parent for a child.

To be successful in the field of sports, a sportsman has to begin his training at the early stages of his life. That is why; specialized training for sports at school level has become mandatory. Specialized training, in simplest terms, refers to imparting the best technical knowledge about a sport to a student in accordance to the capabilities and mindset of the particular student, and to help the student in developing his endurance to the extent that he could compete successfully at any given level. The coaching that we provide to our students serves them for their technical development and in enhancement of their endurance. Our coaches are experienced enough to impart the most effective assistance to our young students to make them capable, confident and successful. We offer specialized coaching during and after school timings for a most varied range of sports including athletics, judo, wrestling, swimming, volleyball, handball, shooting, power lifting, and more. The school offers full support to the students to compete successfully at higher level including the facilities, guidance and coaching.

Moreover, since we believe that physical fitness is necessary for each and every child, all of our students receive special attention from our coaches during their sports and PT periods. A healthy mind resides only in a healthy body and we never compromise with the physical fitness of our students. So, our specialized coaching and sports facilities are not limited only to the students who desire to be professionally attached to a sport. They are available to every student since giving time to sports training helps in proper development of a child and also lends support to him/her in performing better in the field of education.

Despite that we are an excellent sports school and our sports facilities are quite enviable for any school in general, we make absolutely sure that education does not get affected even a bit when our students strive hard for and devote their time to sports training. The students desirous of being professionally successful in sports are provided with specialized guidelines regarding their schedule and particular support so that they do not lag behind in terms of education as well.