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Library : Haryana International Sports Residential School library offers a wonderful environment in which children can spend time reading and exploring books. The library contains books, CD-ROMs, audio & Video cassette, that cover a Panasonic spectrum of subject to satisfy the urge to learn & curiosity that is so natural to the child and add to broadening their experience of a library environment. The library is constantly  acquiring new titles to stay up to-date with the latest in the world and also subscribes to various periodicals and journals. It also facilitates the teachers in there research for enhanced teaching programs. The library is the hub of all activities. 

Computer Labs :  Computer lab with internet access are constantly updated with the latest software and hardware. A dedicated VSAT internet connection educational materials and supervision by experts add extreme value to the learning session..

Class Rooms : The altar of learning is always been the classroom but the smart classrooms at HISS are a whole new world of discovery being equipped with high tech facilities like projectors and cameras.