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Our teachers are fully devoted to the success of our students in the field of education. We understand fully that success in the field of education is not limited merely to getting good marks in the exams. A person who is well educated is well mannered; fully aware of his social and cultural environment; responsible towards his family, friends as well as society; adaptable enough to fit himself efficiently in any situation; capable of making his life productive as well as enjoyable; and, eager as well as capable to share his knowledge and skills with others. We impart education from a point of view that education is inclusive of much broader a scope than to simply score good marks and professional success.

We strictly follow the CBSE syllabus and, in addition to regular classes, offer special technological support and doubt resolving sessions for ensuring proficiency in all the subjects.

We use English as a medium of instruction and interaction of all kinds. Keeping the importance of English in the modern social, professional and educational scenarios, we prepare the students in a manner that using English in written as well as spoken form become part of their instincts. However, maintaining the tradition of aiming at all round development of our students, we also make sure that our students get efficient and effective regarding the use of language in general, whether that be English, Hindi or the mother tongue. Despite that we provide perfect environment to make our students fluent in English, we also teach them the difference between the mere use and effective use of language.

The knowledge our teachers share with our students regarding all the subjects is not limited to the explanation or elaboration of the text given in the text books. We aim to make each of our students a specialist in the subjects he/she deals with. We do not limit our responsibility to the discussion on the chapters given in the text books. We motivate our students constantly to look out for as many questions from their surroundings and their books as they could. We prompt them to bring all their general and specific queries to the class. We offer them a chance to express their doubts as well as their awareness in the class so that the students get a chance to develop upon their own experience and to share each other’s experiences.