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Career Counselling

We prepare our students to face all those situations as well that they would be facing in their life after schooling. Despite that all round development of students has to be the basic aim of a good school, the most significant achievement of a school depends on the professional success of its students. We approach towards the education of our students keeping in mind all the time that successful career development for our students is the basic necessity from the practical point of view.

The support lent by HISS to its students regarding their career is not limited merely to the education provided to them. We lend full support to our students whether they seek career in the traditional streams or desire to do something innovative. We assist our students thoroughly so that they could decide upon the best career choice for themselves. Different students have different potential, different mindsets, different skill sets and different interests. We offer special counseling to the students regarding the skills/ subjects/ streams/ careers they should particularly be concentrating upon keeping their performance, interest and skills in mind. We also guide them, on the basis of the special research we undertake, regarding the approach a student should follow to attain the respective objective regarding career.

We do not limit our role to the provision of education or sports training to our students during their schooling. We go further than that and offer our sincere assistance so that they could apply this education so as to attain professional success.